The Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP)

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The Low Income Energy Assistance Program
LIEAP helps pay a portion of the participants’ primary heating costs during the months of October through April. LIEAP assists approximately 3600 households annually in Flathead, Lake, Lincoln and Sanders Counties. Eligibility is based primarily on income and resources. Benefits are usually paid directly to a participants’ primary heating vendor. LIEAP participants often qualify for additional discounts offered by participating vendors.

  • To Apply:
  • To get a LIEAP application (available between October and April only), you can come into the office, call or e-mail and ask to have one mailed to you between October 1, 2017 and April 30, 2018.
  • LIEAP applications require:
    • Social Security numbers for all household members.
    • Picture ID’s for all adult household members.
    • Picture ID’s or Birth Certificates for all household members under 18 years of age.
    • Recent bills for all heat and energy sources.
    • Verification of all income, from all sources, for all household members, for the 12 months prior to the month in which an application is submitted.
    • Copies of entire bank statements for all bank accounts in the most recent 30 day period. Also, verification of the current value of all annuities, stocks, bonds, retirement accounts, and property other than your primary home.
    • Any other documentation requested based upon individual circumstances.


  • LIEAP representative available to answer questions & help with applications.




  • 5/18: CAPNM Five Guys Fundraiser (Kalispell): 5-7pm
  • 5/20: Veteran Stand-Down (Polson): 9-4pm
  • 5/23: Senior Center (Troy): 1030-12pm
  • 5/25: North Valley Food Bank (Eureka): 12-2pm
  • 5/25: CAPNM Cabinet Mountain Brewery Fundraiser (Libby): 5-8pm
  • 5/26: Food Bank (Polson): 10-2pm, Job Service (Polson): 12-130pm
  • 5/31: North County Annex (Eureka): 10-2pm

Click here for income and resource limits and a brief overview of the energy programs administered by Community Action Partnership of Northwest Montana (CAPNM).

Click here for a general overview of items that are typically required to be filed with the Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) and Weatherization (WX) application.

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Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to reapply every year?

Yes! Applications are accepted during the heating season, which runs from Oct. 1st through April 30th. A new application, including updated income verification, bank statements and heating bills are required every new heating season.

What types of heat will my LIEAP benefit pay for?

Whatever is your MAIN heat: Electric, Natural Gas, Propane, Fuel Oil, Diesel, Wood, Wood Pellets, Coal.

I use both electricity and wood to heat my home, can I apply for both?

LIEAP can help with only one MAIN heat source. However, additional discounts may be available, so provide a recent bill for all energy sources, no matter your main heat source.

My heating costs are included in my rent. Can I still apply?

Yes! We have ways to provide assistance to customers who do not have a bill in their name. Explain how you pay your heating costs on Section 4 of the application.

Why should I bother to apply in April when the season is almost over?

Benefits can be retroactive to heating charges incurred back to October 1, even if you have already paid them.

My home really needs to be weatherized, can you help with that?

All approved LIEAP clients are put on a waiting list to have their home weatherized. Call Weatherization at 1-888-750-7360 for more information.

How is Energy Share different than LIEAP?

Energy Share helps alleviate energy emergency situations, (disconnect notice or deposit for electricity/natural gas, almost out of wood, propane, oil).  Energy Share is not based solely on income or main heat source.


Energy Share of Montana (Visit Site)
Energy Share of Montana is a partnership of concerned citizens, organizations and local utility companies committed to helping Montana families overcome an energy emergency and move toward self-reliance. Energy Share helps with emergency heating needs caused by situations beyond the families’ control and is used as a last resort for those ineligible for other programs or still in need after other resources are exhausted. The program is funded by utility companies, Universal Systems Benefits Charges and donations from concerned consumers.  To help a neighbor, visit the site.

Contact or visit the CAPNM location nearest you to receive an Energy Share Application.


CAPNM Energy Conservation
Provides information to assist eligible households in lowering their heating costs. Low cost materials such as plastic for windows, weather strip, water heater blankets, roof patch and caulking are available for “do-it-yourself weatherization” projects to LIEAP approved clients.  Visit the links below for some of our partners and for conservation information.

For more information regarding Energy Related Tax Relief please visit Department of Revenue at: