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This was our first fundraiser with Staggering Ox and it went really well! We hope to fundraise with them a few times in 2018!








This was our fourth and last fundraiser of the year with Panda Express and it was our most successful one yet! They have become one of our best fundraising partners!










This was our second fundraiser of the year at Cold Stone and it was very successful considering it was a cold day!

This was our third fundraiser of the year with Pizza Hut and it was steadily busy!

This was our fourth “Benefit Brew Night” of they year and was very successful! We learned a lot about this brand new brewery and that it had great food too.

This was our third fundraiser of the year at Panda Express. They are great to fundraise with because they allow us to choose the dates and they’re not very strict with the rules. They our also some of the best Asian food in town!

This was our second fundraiser with Dickies BBQ this year. We enjoy fundraising with them because they have great barbecue food!

Thank you to everyone who came out to Tamarack Brewery for our fundraiser! It was a super packed all three hours, so I’m sure it was a great night for us!

Are second fundraiser of the year with Pizza Hut was our BEST FUNDRAISER YET!!! We raised over $500!
It was steadily busy during our allotted time!

This was our second fundraiser with Panda Express! We will continue to fundraise with this store because our staff love their food and their very easy to work with.


This was our first Dickey’s BBQ Fundraiser. Look for another Dickey’s fundraiser in the late summer!

Cabinet MT Brewery was our second “Benefit Brews Night” and it was very successful.
It was consistently busy throughout the three hours.

This was our best Five Guys Fundraiser yet! We raised $200. We will do another fundraiser with them late summer/early fall.

Tipsy Brush was able to raise $100 for CAP during this fundraiser.


Cold Stone was the first fundraiser to kick off a busy summer!


First fundraiser of the year at Pizza Hut. Definitely one of our biggest fundraisers yet!!!
We raised over $400! Thank you Pizza Hut!

Our first fundraiser at Panda Express was a success! We did pretty good and the manager (Daniel) enjoyed putting it on.
Look for more Panda Fundraisers in the future!

Kalispell Brewery “Benefit Brews Night” was the first fundraiser we have done with a brewery. It was on Valentines Day and was consistently busy the first two hours. We had a few small raffles throughout the three hours.


This was the second year we participated in the Art Walk & Holiday Stroll. This was by far our busiest event of the year! We had over 250 come through our doors for a stamp on their walking card and engaged with over 50 of them! We will continue to do this event every year!!!

This was the first year we have had a booth out in front of our office for the 2017 Fair Parade. It was a great experience!


We participated in five Thursday Fests this summer (June 29th, July 13th/20th/27th and August 3rd, 2017).
We had a great time once again, selling raffle tickets, selling water, and playing games with the kids! Thank you to everyone who came by and visited our booth this summer!

Adopt-a-Hwy took place on July 20th, 2017. CAPNM, Northwest Energy, and Flathead Electric Cooperative cleaned a stretch of highway on Hwy 2 between mile markers 117 and 119. It was a great sunny day and we almost cleaned the entire both sides!


This was our second year doing the Rummage Sale in Glacier Banks parking lot! It was just as successful as last year and we will continue to do this annually going forward :)!

Project Homeless Connect took place on June 9th!

Women Wellness Fair was a great event. It was highly attended and there was great engagement at our table.

We participated in the Market at the Mall on April 1st, it was the first time we’ve participated in this event. It wasn’t a very busy day, but was still a good experience.

We participated in the Chocolate Affair (Downtown Kalispell) on February 3rd for the FIRST TIME. It was highly successful event with around 150 people coming through our doors.

We participated in Winter Warmup on January 26th, 2016. We provided information, administered our Community Needs Assessment Survey, and gave out giveaways.

Housing Rotunda in Helena with some of the HRDC directors from across the state. This took place the first week 2017.

2017 OTHER

Congratulations to our three 2017 Summer Raffle winners! Thank you to everyone who bought tickets this was a very successful fundraiser for us this year!

  • Fat Tire Bike: Adrienne Vierzba
  • Garden Cart: Debbie Phillips
  • Fishing Pontoon Boat: Renee Jones

Thank you to everyone who voted for us for “2017 Best of the Flathead”!
We got 3rd place out of 57 nonprofits right behind Big Brothers, Big Sisters, and Coats for Kids.

Congratulations to the winners of our 2017 Summer Silent Auction items!

Red Bus Tour: Patrick Malone 

Whitefish Zip Line Tours: Margie Jones

We are proud to announce the installment of its first computer kiosk located at the north annex in Eureka Montana. The kiosk will provide residents in Eureka and the surrounding area a convenient way to access the services we offer and to helpful web sites. In addition clients can use the kiosk to e-mail, instant message and video chat with their advocates in the Libby and Kalispell offices.

Eureka Kiosk








These were the winners from our 40th Anniversary Celebration raffle from 2016. The items were auctioned off at our celebration which took place in late August. The raffle ran from June-August.

Left to Right: Christy Watts, Ryan Horn and Tom Foreman

Kayak: Christy Watts Bike: Ryan Horn Camping Gear: Tom Foreman